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Our tea is steeped in excellence. And our passion for the perfect blend demands attention to the utmost detail. Therefore, we advocate loose tea. Why? The difference between loose tea and bagged tea lies in the size of the leaves—it’s what affects the resulting cup. Tea leaves contain chemicals and essential oils, which are the basis for delightful flavour. When the tea leaves are broken up into tiny pieces called fannings, those oils can evaporate, leaving a dull and tasteless tea. The higher-quality loose teas which we continue to discover are whole leaves and large pieces. Our superior leaves have room to expand and unfurl with fluent water circulation, which typically doesn't happen in a cramped little teabag.

Tea is very likely the healthiest beverage ever found on Earth. An ancient jewel from its discovery in Asia, it is known to have medicinal, digestive and antioxidant properties with absolutely no downside. Through our research we've selected a variety of teas each representing unique health benefits. We even have caffeine-free fruit teas for kids. In tea you have it all: taste, health, energy, satisfaction, enjoyment, and peace of mind. This natural miracle is available for you at all times through a simple click on our website.

As our teas are naturally resplendent, we strive to return the favour—our commitment to the environment is paramount. For example, we will not use silk tea bags as they are not biodegradable and can also adversely affect the properties and taste of tea. We also pursue bagging our teas in environmentally-friendly packaging. All our teas are tested for any contaminants at an even more rigorous level than required by either Health Canada or the USFDA. In fact, there are very few tea companies in the world taking this extraordinary step.

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